Useful books

Reading just one of these books would tell you far more about the Displaced Persons' story than a mere Website ever could.  Try your local library or an online bookseller for

Eksteins, M.  2000.  Walking Since Daybreak:  A story of Eastern Europe, World War II, and the heart of our century.  Boston, Houghton Mifflin.

Kunz, E.F.  1988.  Displaced Persons:  Calwell's New Australians.  Sydney, Australian National University Press.

Proudfoot, M.J.  1962.  European refugees:  1939-1952, A study in forced population movement.  London, Faber and Faber.

Sestokas, J.  2010.  Welcome to Little Europe: Displaced Persons and the North Camp.  Sale, Victoria, Little Chicken Publishing.  (The author's father came to Australia on the "First Transport" in 1947.  He has fulfilled a commitment to his father to research and describe his father's early life in Australia after the Bonegilla Camp, but has gone much further in analysing circumstances in Europe after World War II and how these led to Displaced Persons coming to Australia. Copies of this book are available from littleeurope AT bigpond.com.

Songaila, J.  2000.  Journey to Paradise:  The life story of Juozas (Joe) Songaila, A Lithuanian displaced person.  Contact the author, joanmay AT connexus.net.au to find out more about availability.  Like Juozas Sestokas (see above) Juozas Songaila came to Australia on the "First Transport".

Thomas, Sigrid von Bremen.  2007.  Goodbye Stalin:  A true story of wars, escapes and reinventions.  Dallas, Durban House Press.

Wyman, M.  1998.  DPs:  Europe's Displaced Persons, 1945-1951.  Ithaca, Cornell University Press.

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